Fun With Alphabet Letters

The more your child practices using and making each letter and its sound,
the better he/she will get at hearing, making, guessing and writing it.

From the beginning of the year we will learn about all the sounds of the letters every day when we are "Kid Writing." Every week we will focus on one letter and find it in words around the room, listen for its sound when we speak, and practice making it when we sing. One of our favorite group activities is singing "The Letter of the Week" songs!

Alphabet Activities and Songs on our Class Website
Click on each letter below to find activities to do at home to help your child listen for, make and use the sound of the "Letter of the Week." You'll also find the words to the easy songs we sing to familiar tunes to practice making each letter sound.

Aa   Bb   Cc   Dd   Ee   Ff   Gg   Hh   Ii   Jj   Kk   Ll   Mm   Nn   Oo   Pp   Qq   Rr   Ss   Tt   Uu   Vv   Ww   Xx   Xx at the end of a word   Yy   Zz  

Consonant Digraphs: th  sh  ch  ph

Click here for ideas to help your child make
letter guesses and use invented spelling.

Computer Karaoke! Sing Along Songs
Check out our original Alphabet Letter Sing Along Songs written by Mrs. Jones. We love singing these songs in class and adding new verses! A musical midi plays while you read and sing the words of the song with your child. There are picture clues to help young children remember the words on their own.

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Alphabet Activities on the Internet

Letter Formation Poems

Animal Alphabet Coloring Pages

Printable Letter Printing Practice

Ending Consonant Sounds Printing Practice

Online Printing Practice

Play Homework
Learn and teach five sentences with one word for each letter in the alphabet!

Fun With Letters

Alphabet: Thematic Cross-Curricular Unit

Links to Alphabet Printables

Alphabet Letter Chain

Make a Letter Book

Practice Matching Letter Sounds

Letter Printing Homework

ABC Flashcards

Online ABC Order

Alphabet Lotto Game to Print and Play

ABC Centers

More Letter of the Week Activities
Language Arts, Books, Snacks, Character Trait, Math, Social Studies,
Science, Art, Games and Field Trips for each letter

Alphabet Activities

Download Free Software for learning the letter names

Download Free Software for learning beginning phonics

Alphabet Action! Your child can hear each letter name while looking at
a picture that begins with that letter sound.

ABC Mommy and Me

Fun alphabet games and memory games for pre-readers

Match Upper and Lower Case Letters Online

Lower Case Alphabet Flash Cards

Alphabet Letter Chain

Tongue Twisters for Each Letter

Billy Bear's Alphabet Games

Little Explorer Dictionary
Come explore the alphabet that includes many pictures with words.

All You Ever Wanted To Know About The Alphabet

Practice printing each letter

What's the Word
The Reading and Vocabulary Game:
Alphabet, Animals, Fruit, Tools, Machines and Shapes

Letter of the Week
Activities, recipes and songs that reinforce each sound

Pratt's ABC Activities
Many online activities for each alphabet letter

ABC's On The Web
Websites That Make It Fun To Learn The Letters

Learn Braille and How to Spell Your Name

Many Alphabet Links

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