Letter Uu

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Letter Uu Activities

The letter-sound association we are studying this week is "U u" as in umbrella and uncle. Here are some activities your child can do to supplement our school activities.

1. Play "THUMBS UP." I am going to say some words. Listen for the sound "U u" makes in the word "up." If you hear the same sound at the beginning of the word I say, point your thumbs up. If you hear any other sound at the beginning, then point your thumbs down.

up, ant, ugly, umbrella, uncle, elf, other, under,
pencil, umpire, anger, undershirt, us, engine, ugh,
unpack, lemon, untie, unlock, oval, until, upward

2. Play a word guessing game. All the words you guess should begin with the "U u" sound you hear at the beginning of the word "umbrella."
a. I am going on a trip to visit my aunt and ________. (uncle)
b. That pile of trash isn't pretty, it is _______. (ugly)
c. When it rains we put up our _______. (umbrella)
d. The opposite of over is ________. (under)
e. The person who calls the strikes in a baseball game is the ______. (umpire)

3. Say a word and have your child give the opposite word using the "un" prefix.
tie - untie         cover - uncover
do - undo          dress - undress
lock - unlock      wrap - unwrap
fold - unfold      pack - unpack

4. Use your imagination and make up a story about a magic umbrella. Brainstorm some ideas first: Where does your story take place? Does it matter if it is sunny, rainy, windy, snowy? Who owns the umbrella or is it waiting to be discovered by someone? Who? You? What happens when someone opens the umbrella? Do magic words make the umbrella work? What adventure does the umbrella take you/someone on? How do you get home?

5. Make a book about your magic umbrella story. Fold 2 or 3 sheets of paper in half and staple. Your child should draw the pictures that tell his/her story. Then he/she can use invented spelling to write a sentence about each picture. Have your child read the book to you then add the title to our monthly Read-To-Me form.

6. How many words or phrases can you think of that have "up" in them?
Click here to see a list to get you started.

6. Show your child how to print "U u" like this:

U: Start at the top line and make a smile. Make it touch the bottom line then go back up to the top line.
u: Start at the middle line and make a smile. Make it touch the bottom line then go back up to the middle line. Pause, then make a straight line to the bottom line.

Songs and Poems

I Am Learning Letter Uu
Tune: London Bridge
Sing Along to the words and pictures of this song!

I am learning letter Uu,
Letter Uu, letter Uu.
I am learning letter Uu

Other verses:
Umbrella starts with letter Uu
Under starts with letter Uu....
Up begins with letter Uu...
Us begins with letter Uu...

Children can add other verses and hand motions as they think of them.


The Under the Umbrella Class Game
Tune: Frere Jacques

Choose one child to wait in the bathroom (or hide his/her eyes.)
Pick another child to hide behind a large umbrella.

Class: Who is missing? Who is missing?
Do you know? Do you know?

Child who was in the bathroom:
Is it _______? Is it ________?

Class: You are right. You are right.
or Guess again. Guess again.


The Long Uu Song
Tune: My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean
Written by Mrs. Jones
Sing Along to this song!

Let's stand up and sing for the United States,
United States starts with U.
Let's stand up and sing for the United States,
And for the letter U.
U, U, U, U,
Let's sing for the letter U, U, U.
U, U, U, U,
Let's sing for the letter U.

Let's stand up and sing for the unicorn,
Unicorn starts with U.
Let's stand up and sing for the unicorn,
And for the letter U.
U, U, U, U,
Let's sing for the letter U, U, U.
U, U, U, U,
Let's sing for the letter U.

Repeat using other words that begin with long Uu.


Unicorn Song
Tune: Pop! Goes The Wheel

One night I dreamed of a little white horse
That had a great big horn
Right in the middle of its head.
It was a unicorn.

I rode all night upon its back,
As I dreamed along.
But when the morning light appeared,
Poof! It was gone!

Explain that a unicorn is not a real animal.


I'm The Umpire
Tune: Take Me Out To The Ball Game

I like to work at the ball games.
I like to work with a crowd.
I judge the balls and the pop up flies.
I rule what's right and I'll tell you why
I'm the ump-ump-ump-ump-ump-umpire
And every game is the same.
"Cause it's one, two, three strikes you're out
At the old ball game!

Umbrella Color Game on the Flannelboard
Cut one umbrellas shape each from the following colors of felt: green, red, purple, blue, yellow, and orange. As you read the poem below, let the children help place the appropriate colored umbrellas on a flannelboard.

We keep our umbrellas, so perky and gay,
Ready and waiting for a rainy day.

Here is a green one to keep me dry
When I open it up and hold it high.

Have you seen the umbrella that's ruby red?
It looks so regal held over my head.

The rain can get heavy, oh me, oh my,
But the purple umbrella will keep me dry.

I love the umbrella of sweet sky blue.
It's big enough for both me and you.

The yellow umbrella is bright like the sun.
Jumping puddles with it is ever so fun.

The orange umbrella is saved for showers,
The kind of rain that wakes up the flowers.

Our umbrellas are fun and so nice to see.
Just look at them all, I'm sure you'll agree.


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