Letter Vv

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Letter Vv Activities

The letter-sound association we are studying this week is "V v" as in "violet vase." Here are some activities you can do with your child to reinforce the concepts and experiences presented in school.

1. Which word in each group begins with the "V v" sound?
     space, vitamins, have      Vaseline, book, fish
     boy, pie, vowel               funny, vaccination, bed
     vacant, kick, look           parsley, done, vault
     soon, very, egg               victory, car, umbrella

2. Do you hear the "V v" sound at the beginning, middle or end of each word?

vest, save, lovable, value, jovial, favorite, solve, van, weave
valentine, have, invest, Victoria, David, hive, behave, valley

3. Play a Word Guessing game.
All the words you guess should begin like "valentine."

a. I like ice cream. My favorite flavor is ________. (vanilla)
b. When we moved, our furniture went in a moving ________. (van)
c. Pumpkins grow on a _________. (vine)
d. Peas, carrots and corn are __________. (vegetables)
e. When mother cleans the rug she uses a _________. (vacuum cleaner)

4. Play a Listening and Thinking game: Vivian is a girl who likes the letter "V v" and all things that begin with the "V v" sound. Answer the following questions:

a. Will Vivian eat vegetables or fruit?
b. Does Vivian like chocolate or vanilla ice cream?
c. Would Vivian wear a jacket or a vest?
d. Does Vivian play a violin or a guitar?
e. Would Vivian play basketball or volleyball?

5. Make a Valentine out of red, pink or white paper. Cut out "V v" from a newspaper and glue them on the valentine. Find magazine pictures or draw pictures beginning with the "V v" sound on the valentine. Have your child label the pictures using "invented spelling." Your child should say the word a few times so he/she can listen to the sound at the beginning, middle and end of the word. Your child should guess how the word is spelled and write his/her letter guesses under each picture.

6. Show your child how to make "V v" this way:

V and v: Make a sliding board that slants down to the right then make a line that slants back up to the right.

Check out the "Vv" snacks, crafts, songs, math activities and games at this website: http://www.alphabet-soup.net/alpha/alphabite22.html

Songs and Poems

Sing Along to our songs about the Vv sound!

* * * * *

Iím the Veterinarian
Tune: Oh, My Darliní

Bring your dogs, bring your cats,
Bring your hamsters one by one.
I take care of the animals,
Iím a veterinarian.

Substitute other animal names for the words "dogs, cats and hamsters."


I Love To Make The Letter Vv
Tune: Pop! Goes The Weasel

I love to make the letter V
For everyone to see.
(Form V with 2 fingers.)
V is for vinegar, V is for van,
And V is for victory!

Repeat substituting other words that begin with V for the words ďvinegarĒ and ďvan.Ē


Iím A Great Big Vulture
Tune: Iím A Little Teapot

Iím a great big vulture in the sky,
Flying in a circle, oh, so high.
I just love to soar around and around.
Then down I swoop right to the ground.


Do You Know My Valentine?
Tune: Do You Know The Muffin Man?

Do you know my valentine,
My valentine, my valentine?
Do you know my valentine?
His/Her name is _______.


Tune: Bingo

There is a shape and it means love
And heart is its name-o.
H-E-A-R-T, H-E-A-R-T, H-E-A-R-T,
And heart is its name-o!


Oh, Valentine
Tune: Oh, Christmas Tree

Oh, Valentine, oh, valentine
I think you'll like my valentine.
It's big and pink and lacey, too.
Three special words say, I love you.
Oh valentine, oh valentine
I think you'll like my valentine.


Will You Be My Valentine?
Tune: London Bridge

Will you be my Valentine,
Valentine, Valentine?
Will you be my Valentine,
Be a friend of Mine?

Stand in a circle and give one child a big decorated heart. As the children sing, she/he walks around the circle and chooses a friend to give the heart to. Repeat until eveyone gets a turn.


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