Letter Xx at the end of a Word


Letter Xx Activities

The letter-sound association we are studying this week is "X x."
There are no words in English beginning with the sound that "X x" usually
represents, which is /ks/, the sound you hear at the end of the word "box."
The children are beginning to hear specific sounds in different parts
of words. This week's activities will reinforce listening for the "X x"
sound in the middle and at the end of words.

1. Draw a box or use a real box then go on an "X x" letter hunt in a magazine. Cut out and glue on, or put in the box, the letter X x. Cut out or draw pictures of things that have an "X x" in the middle or at the end of its name to add to the box.

2. Auditory Perception: Make an "X x" with your pointer fingers (or your arms or legs) each time you hear a word that has an "X x" sound in the middle or at the end.

as, taxi, save, Max, lox, white, flex, maximum, cheese,
queen, fix, flax, fruit, boxer, next, hex, saxophone, might,
will, flexible, oxen, chicken pox, juice, Lexington, tax...

3. Listening and Thinking: "Which words in these sentences have the "X x" sound?" "Where do you hear the "X x" sound in each of the words (middle or end)?"

a. Sam waxes the kitchen floor.
b. Jack plays the saxophone and trombone.
c. Are there any letters in our mailbox?
d. Rex does not have a tuxedo.
e. Do you have an extra box?
f. Dixon likes Kix cereal.
g. A hexagon has six sides.
h. Please help Max fix the mixer.
i. Does Dexter live in Texas or New Mexico?
j. Which is more: six foxes or sixteen foxes?

4. Sing a song about the letter "X x."
Tune: Where is Thumbkin?
Where is Xx? Where is Xx?
Here I am. Here I am.
How are you today Xx? Very well I thank you.
Xx away. Xx away.

5. Play "Tic Tac Toe." Show your child how to draw the # grid on a piece of paper. Let your child be X. You be O. Take turns. The first player to get 3 in a row, either across, down or diagonally, wins the game. To keep score: write both player’s names on a piece of paper. Each time a player wins place a tally mark next to their name. When time is up, count up the tally marks. The player with the most is the winner.

6. Show your child how to make "X x" this way:
     Make 2 "sliding boards" that cross in the middle.


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