Letter Dd

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This week we will be making a word list of "Dd Things That Move." Your child may make a list of things at home to add to our class list. This is a great way for your child to practice "invented spelling" at home. Please write the translation next to each word.

If invented spelling frustrates your child try these other ways to make a list at home: 1. Your child names a word, you write it down then your child copies the list. 2. Your child names a word, he/she writes the letters as you spell it.

* * * * *
The special letter-sound association we are studying this week is "D d" as in "delicious donuts." Here are some suggested activities you can do with your child at home to reinforce the concepts and experiences presented in school.

1. Letter Recognition:
Compare the letters "b and d." How are they the same? (Both have a line and a small circle at the bottom.) How are they different? (In the letter b, the circle is to the right of the line. In the letter d, the circle is to the left of the line.) We talk about this in class but continued reinforcement would be helpful at home as these two letters usually confuse young children.

2. Listening:
Listen to each sentence. Which words start like "delicious donuts?"
    a. David did not like to dance.
    b. I took a dip in the pool.
    c. The dog ran after the duck.
    d. The doctor said I could not eat dinner.
    e. Does Diane have a new doll?

3. Listening-Thinking:
All the words you will guess should begin with the sound of "D d."
    a. The opposite of up is __________. (down)
    b. What animal goes "quack-quack?" ___________ (duck)
    c. When we are sick we must go to see the _________ (doctor)
    d. A puddle is shallow, the ocean is ___________. (deep)
    e. What animal wags its tail and barks? _________ (dog)

4. Directions:
Kindergartners should be able to carry out a three step direction.
    Try these and then add more three step directions of your own.
    a. Go to the door, open it, then close it.
    b. Stand up, touch your toes, then touch your ears.
    c. Stand on one foot, hop three times, then turn around.
    d. Point to the window, pick up a book then put it on a chair.
    e. Clap your hands behind you, then in front, then over your head.

5. Look through magazines to find pictures of things beginning like "delicious donuts." Glue them to a piece of paper and have your child label the pictures using "invented spelling." Your child should say the word a few times so he/she can listen to the sounds at the beginning, middle and end of the word. Your child should guess how the word is spelled and write his/her letter guesses under each picture. If your child is interested in the correct spelling you can tell him/her after he/she guesses the sounds.

6. Printing: Show your child how to print "D d" this way:

D: Make a straight line from top to bottom. Go back to the top and make a curved line on the right side of the line down to the bottom line.
d: Make a circle between the middle and bottom line. Then make a straight line from top to bottom to the right of the circle.

Dd Things To Do

Check out the "Dd" snacks, crafts, songs, math activities and games at this website: http://www.alphabet-soup.net/alpha/alphabite4.html

Play Pin the Tail on the Donkey

Play dominoes

Make a Dog Collage

Talk about Dads. Your child should draw and color a picture of his/her dad (or another important male figure in their lives). Have them tell you something special about their dads to write down on the pictures.

Group Activity: Play Dodge Ball
Have the children form a circle facing inward. Choose two or three children to go inside the circle, the other children throw balls into the center trying to touch one of the inside children. If they are successful, they exchange places with the children they hit.

Mystery Bag Game
(This can be played for any letter sound or theme.) Have 2 identical bags each with a cord to close the top. Have 2 sets of identical items beginning with the letter D (ex. doll, diamond shape, rubber duck). One set of objects should be put in each bag. The child holds one bag and you hold the other. Put your hand in your bag and select an object, bring it out, say its name (doll) emphasizing the 'd' sound. Ask the child to put their hand in their bag and try to find the same object using only her sense of touch - not allowed to look inside.

Songs and Poems

Dinosaurs Poem

Dinosaurs Dinosaurs lived long ago.
They were so big and strong, you know!
Sharp teeth and claws, long tails too.
Some that walked and some that flew.
Though they don't live here anymore,
We still adore the dinosaur!

* * * * *

Sing The Days Song from Barney
Tune: Oh My Darlin' Clemantine

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday!!
repeat --> this will help kids learn the order of days!

* * * * *

Nursery Rhyme

Diddle diddle Dumpling, my son John
Went to bed with his stockings on.
One shoe off and one shoe on,
Diddle diddle dumpling, my son John.

* * * * *

Put Some Donuts On The Dish
Tune: If You're Happy And You Know It
Sing Along to this song.

Put some donuts on the dish, on the dish,
Put some donuts on the dish, on the dish.
Put some donuts on the dish,
Put as many as you wish.
Then say, "Dd is for the donuts on the dish."

Put a dog on the dish...
Put a doll on the dish...
Put (child's Dd name) on the dish...
Put your dad on the dish...
Put a dollar on the dish...
Put some dimes on the dish...
Put a door on the dish...
Put a dish on the dish...

Add other verses of things that begin with Dd.

* * * * *

Dd Things That Move
Tune: London Bridge
written by Mrs. Jones
Sing Along to this song.

Dog begins with letter Dd,
Letter Dd, letter Dd.
Dog begins with letter Dd.
D - d - d - d.
(Make the sound of Dd.)

Dancer starts with letter Dd...
Dice begin with letter Dd...

What other "Dd things that move" can you think of to add to the song?

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