Letter Kk

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The letter sound association we are studying this week is "K k" as in "Kindergarten Kids." Here are some activities your child can do to supplement our classroom activities.

1. Play a Listening game: Blow a "kiss" when you hear a word that begins like "kiss." Then read the list again and have your child say if he/she hears the "K k" sound at the beginning, middle or end of each word or doesn't hear it at all.

kite, Kevin, chicken, hat, kilt, kaleidoscope, chalk,
Katie, pickle, kind, sink, egg, Mickey, sick, Nick, talk,
teach, kitchen, pencil, kindergarten, speak, key, monkey

2. Science: Have your child put several kernels of unpopped corn in a clear container of water. Drop in one Alka Seltzer tablet and watch the kernels move up and down.

3. Sing a song to the tune of "Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush."

This is the way we walk to school,
Walk to school, walk to school,
This is the way we walk to school,
In our Kindergarten.

Let your child add more verses of what we do in school and how we get along as a group by replacing "walk to school" with: hang up our coats, pledge the flag, read a book, listen in school, sit in our chair, raise our hand, wash our hands, take our turn, eat our snack, go to gym, listen to stories, zip our coats...

4. Kitchens: While in your kitchen, show your child all the various appliances and their use. Have your child try to draw a map of the kitchen. Draw a big rectangle on a piece of paper. Have your child write/draw where the sink, stove and refrigerator are located.

5. Keys: Provide an assortment of keys for your child to look at, talk about, sort and count. Then have your child pretend he/she has a special key that will open anything in the world. Have him/her draw a picture of what the key would look like and tell what it would open. What happens after it is opened? Make a book about his/her story. Staple a few sheets of paper together then let your child draw the pictures and write a sentence about each picture. Have your child read the story to someone then add the title to our monthly Read-To-Me form.

6. Show your child how to make "K k" like this:

K: Make a straight line from top to bottom. Make a sliding board in to the middle of the line, pause, then make a sliding board back out.
k: Make a straight line from top to bottom. Go to the middle line and make a sliding board in to the line, pause, then make a sliding board back out.

Check out the "Kk" snacks, crafts, songs, math activities and games at this website: http://www.alphabet-soup.net/alpha/alphabite11.html

Songs and Poems

Here We Go Round The Letter Kk
Tune: Mulberry Bush
Sing Along to the words of this song!

Here we go round the letter Kk,
the letter Kk, the letter Kk.
Here we go round the letter Kk,
while we're in Kindergarten.

This is the way we like to kick...
This is the way to be kangaroos...
This is the way we turn our keys...


Ten Baby Kangaroos

Ten baby kangaroos
Standing in a row,
When they see their mama,
They bow just so.
They kick to the left
And they kick to the right,
Then they close their eyes
And sleep all night.


Oh, I'm A Kangaroo
Tune: The Farmer In The Dell

Oh, I'm a kangaroo,
I live down at the zoo.
I like to jump around a lot.
How about you?

Oh, I'm a kangaroo,
I live down at the zoo.
I carry my baby in a pouch.
How about you?


I Like Kites!
Tune: Three Blind Mice

I like kites.
I like kites.
They fly high.
They fly high.
They keep on spinning
'Round and 'round.
Sometimes they even
Touch the ground.
They fly through the air
Without a sound.
Oh, I like kites!

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