Letter Ll

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The letter-sound association we are studying this week is "L l" as in "lovely lullaby." Here are some activities you can do with your child to reinforce our classroom activities.

1. Listening: Lift one leg when you hear a word that begins like "leg." Another day read the list again and have your child say if he/she hears the "L l" sound at the beginning, middle or end of each word or doesn't hear it at all.

laugh, umbrella, lake, family, doll, like, learn, tea, lettuce,
listen, alone, land, follow, Jill, ladder, red, live, penny,
tall, hollow, letter, lamp, color, lip, licorice, fill, fellow

2. Listening: Which words in these sentences begin with the "L l" sound?
a. I lost my lovely little doll.
b. Go to the library and look for a book about "lions."
c. Larry lost the letter from his teacher.
d. Light the lantern if you get lost.
e. Lucy likes to lick lemons and limes.

3. Play a Word Guessing game. All of your guesses should begin with "L l" sound.
a. When mothers want to put their babies to sleep they sing a _____. (lullaby)
b. Something that is sweet, is on a stick, and you lick is a ______. (lollipop)
c. I am a wild animal. I roar and have a mane. I am a _____. (lion)
d. I am a part of your body that you have only when you are sitting. I disappear when you stand up. I am your _______. (lap)
e. These turn colors and fall off a tree in Autumn. They are _______. (leaves)

4. Play a Listening and Thinking game. Tell what is wrong with these sentences.
a. Lydia said, "Lemons are sweet."
b. Lucas looked at the purple lettuce.
c. Airplanes fly low on the ground.
d. Lisa locked the door with a log.
e. Lilies of the valley and lilacs are food.

5. Make "My Love Book." Make a page for each person or thing you love. On each page copy the sentence "I love ______." Fill in the blank using invented spelling. Make a cover for your book then staple all your pages together. Read your book to your mom or dad then add the title to your Read-To-Me form.

6. Show your child how to make "L l" like this:

L: Start at the top and make a straight line to the bottom line then make a straight line from left to right at the bottom.
l: Make a straight line from top to bottom.

Check out the "Ll" snacks, crafts, songs, math activities and games at this website: http://www.alphabet-soup.net/alpha/alphabite12.html

Songs and Poems

Sing Along to our songs about the Sound of Ll.

* * * * *

I Love To Sing For The Letter Ll
Tune: Deck The Halls

I love to sing for the letter Ll,
La-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la,
I like the things that Ll can tell,
La-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la,
Light the lamp and lick the lollipop,
La-la-la, la-la-la, la-la-la,
I just love the letter Ll,
La-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la.


See The Ladybug
Tune: Frere Jacques

See the ladybug, see the ladybug,
Watch it crawl, watch it crawl.
See it crawling higher.
See it crawling higher.
Watch it crawl, up the wall.

See the ladybug, see the ladybug,
Watch it crawl, watch it crawl.
See it crawling lower.
See it crawling lower.
Way down low, to my toe.


The Library
Tune: Yankee Doodle

All the boys and girls can come
And take home books for free.
They come and find the books they like
At the li-brar-y.


The March Song
Tune: Mary Had A Little Lamb

March comes in like a lion,
Like a lion, like a lion.
March comes in like a lion,
And goes out like a lamb.

March comes in with a great big wind,
Great big wind, great big wind.
March comes in with a great big wind,
And goes out with a breeze.


5 Little Leaves - Fingerplay

5 little leaves so bright and gay
Were dancing about a tree one day
The wind came blowing through the town
1 little leaf came blowing down

4 little leaves, so bright and gay...

For this fingerplay you can make colored leaves out of felt
or posterboard on tongue depressors.


5 sticky lollipops fixed on sticks,
Take a sticky lollipop and lick lick lick!



My favorite words are words with L's:
cool, small words like rills and dells,
merry words like lilting bells
and woodland words like lochs and fells.
Watery words like shell and shallow,
mystic words like grail and hallow,
friendly words like fellow and jolly,
and rich moist phrases like lob-lolly.
Brilliant words like glow and yellow,
warm soft words like lax and mellow,
beckoning words like hill and hollow
and will-o'-the-wisp and will-you-follow.
Uneasy words like lurk and brittle,
lovable words like laugh and little,
syllables that roll along
like lullaby and billabong,
and words that slip and slither by
like lollipop and lorelei.


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