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This is the list of 25 Kdg words:
no   so   go   is   on   it   can   in   do   me   up   an   you
am   the   and   we   my   he   like   to   at   see   a   I

They need to be recognized on a list and while reading books.
Practice looking for them when you read your Buddy Book
so you will recognize them quickly and develop fluency.

Check the back your child's folder every week
for the labels with the words we are studying.
Print your own labels.
(formatted to fit Avery labels   5160   30/page   1" x 2 5/8")
25 Kdg Words + by, she, the ending "ing", play, make

Words of the Week
We will do
word activities, make easy books to read, play games,
sing songs and have some fun learning these words this year.

Word of the Week More Words
June 2   Word Review Remembering our Fun Year!
May 19-30   an chin    inch    Practice the "ch" sound!
Plan to do these "an" activities!
Read The An Family Album.
May 5-16   that   this and that   Practice the "th" sound.
You'll thank yourself for doing these "ank" activities!
Read The Ank Family Album.
April 28   she shell    fish    Practice the "sh" sound!
Can you spell some "ell" words?
Read Well! Well! Do Tell!
April 21   jump Phillies    phone    graph
Mar 31    Dino Week dinosaur   extinct   fossils
Mar 24    this zip    zero    pizza
March 17   buzz of was went    with    brown
Brown is the "hurt" color.
Wow! Some "ow" Activities!
Read Wow! Cow Knows How
Mar 10    see said    so    saw
Fun with Dr. Seuss   "Ss blend" game
Mar 3    make look    kite
Read Going to the Lake to practice ake.
Take time to do some "ake" activities!
Feb 24   like little    look    Lakeview
Read Looking at Ll to practice look and little.
Have a ball and do some all activities!
Read Let's All Play Ball to practice all.
Feb 18    have love    valentine
Read Tails to practice have.
Feb 10     for fun   with  
Read The Hearts to practice with.
Feb 3    am me    my    mitten    Mom
Read Pam and Sam and Shhh!
Jan 27   up fun    us    you
What words or phrases have "up" in them?
Jan 13    my where   question mark
Sing The Question Song or Print The Question Song
to help you hold the question words in your hand.
Print a Question Word Sign to help you spell them.
Jan 6     you yes    yellow    snow
Jan 2   we me   he   she
Dec 16   do Dad    day    dog
Dec 10    are red   green
Dec 2   me we   he   she
Nov 19-30   go the king of "ing"      going
Nov 12    of is it    in
Try some "it" Word Family activities!
Nov 4   and no    name   
Do some "and" Word Family activities!
Oct 28   can      
Oct 21   he she     Halloween
How do you change "he" into "she?" Add an "s!"
Oct 15    by boo!    bat
!   exclamation point
Oct 7   the the ending "ing"     job
Everyone has a job in our room!
Sept 30    on off   Mom Mom
Make an "on - off" sign with arrows for your light switch.
Sept 23   play pop   Pop Pop  
Try some op activities!
.   period - punctuation
Sept 16   at a    apple
Sept 9    to exit   tree
Sept  3    I cat   dog

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Reasons Why The English Language is Hard to Learn
Check out these Weird Words!

Word Activities

Here are some activities to do with your child if he/she is really anxious to learn to read and write some sight words. Learning to read should be fun, but if your child can't remember the letter names or the sounds each letter makes then some of these activities may be too difficult or frustrating. Try some letter activities first then come back to these word activities another time.

Practice "Phonemic Awareness" and "Sound-Symbol" Matching
Have fun rhyming, blending sounds, segmenting, and matching sounds!

Rhyme With Reggie

Read Stories and Play Word Games with Clifford

Practice your reading skills and play some word games online!
Links to More Online Stories to Practice Reading

Play "What's the Word?" in your car or in a line anywhere!
Say a one-syllable word sound by sound (not letter by letter)
and see if your child can hear the sounds and blend them into a word.
Parent: "c...a...t" What's the word?"
Child: "c...a...t"   "cat"
Parent: "s...t...o...p" What's the word?"
Child: "s...t...o...p"   "stop"
Click here for more activities from Mrs. Brooks, Reading Specialist

Print 30 words to learn - on labels or plain paper.
(formatted to fit Avery labels   5160   30/page   1" x 2 5/8")
25 Kdg Words + by, of, are, play, she

Print the list above and play "What's The Word?" You sound out one of the words sound by sound and your child guesses which word it is and points to it. (Skip the sight words for this game since their letter sounds don't make a word that makes sense. Instead, you can say a sight word such as, "the, you, of, do" etc and ask your child to point to it and say the word.)

Printable Word Wall Word Game: I have (and). Who has (zoo)?

Online Word Activities

Play "What's The Word" online.

Picture-Word Match

Online Word Games
Color Word Match and Word Searches for 100 sight words

Play What's in the Bag? online.

Choose Which Shape Each Word Matches

Sight Word Fun

Online Word Games

Lots of Word Activities
http://carlscorner.us.com/   http://www.wordway.us.com/

Online Stories to Read

Starfall Online Word Games and Interactive Books
The Starfall learn-to-read program was created to meet the needs of the emergent reader by incorporating rhyming games and high-interest books that teach phonemic awareness (sounds in words), phonics, decoding skills, and comprehension. The program is designed to instill confidence and enable the child to proceed as quickly as possible to a balanced reading program.

Online Stories and More

Read to Me, Read Alone, Read With Help
     and Links to More Online Stories

Sight Word Stories to Read Online

200 Dolch words in one story

Learn to Spell Word Activities

Learn to Spell Word Songs
The One 1 Letter Word Song
The Two 2 Letter Word Song
The Three 3 Letter Word Song (CVC)
The Three 3 Letter Word Song
The Four 4 Letter Word Song
The Five 5 Letter Word Song
The Six 6 Letter Word Song

Phonics Handbook
Lists of words for blends, digraphs, letter sounds, r-controlled vowels, short and long vowel sounds, vowel combinations, and vowel diphthongs.

Fry's List of 300 instant words

Favorite Books and Authors
Check out all the fun printable activities at Jan Brett's homepage.
Visit other authors like Dr. Seuss and favorite characters
such as, The Berenstain Bears, Franklin the Turtle,
Arthur, Clifford the Big Red Dog and others!

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crafts, songs, online games and activities geared towards children!
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