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Try this tongue twister: Silly Sue said six sad snowmen sat sideways singing.

DLTK's Online Winter Activities and Printable Crafts

Winter and Holiday Activities and Crafts

Winter Words Mini Book

January Ideas and Patterns

Winter Printables

Lots of Activities with Snowflakes!

Snowflake Factory: scroll halfway down to find it.
Create symmetry online!

Envelope Puppet Snowflakes
Cut one in half so you have two pockets. Glue on snowflake cut outs, foam snowflake cut outs, or draw them on. You can use them as hand puppets by slipping one on each hand in the pocket. Play some instrumental music dance around with with the snowflakes on your hands.

Collecting Snowballs Game- addition and subtraction of 0, 1, 2, 3

Make a South Florida Snow Person Online,0,6152702.flash

Print, Cut Out and Assemble to make a Snowman

File Folder Game: Snowman Match

Kittens and Mittens - Online Counting Activity

Finish the Pine Cone Patterns Online

Online Winter Jigsaw Puzzles
Click on the "shapes" button to change the number of pieces in each puzzle.
Snowflake   Wooly Hats   Snowman   Winter Pond

Winter Concentration

Winter Printables: word searches, dot-to-dot, mazes and coloring pages

Links to lots of Winter Printables

Snowflakes Board Game

Winter Coloring Pages

Winter Coloring Pages

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Billy and Maria Learn About Winter Weather

Plan a Winter Party

Winter and Snow Activities

Snow Fun

Winter Crafts

Make a Snow Scene

Make a Snowflake
We use coffee filters instead of paper.

Make a Snowman Necklace

Paper Snowflake or Snowflake Card

Print The Mitten Story
Print a Mitten and the Animals

More Activities for The Mitten

Print Another Snowman to Color

Print a Child and a Snowman to Color

Snowflake Fun:
Make finger puppets to act out the rhyme.

Beaded Snowflake

Hello Kitty Winter Paper Craft

Snow Fun Recipes

Winter Activities, Crafts and Related Children's Books to Read

Celebrate Winter with Easy Crafts, Games, Snacks, and more

Jack Frost the Movie Activities

Lots of Snow Activities

Snow Thematic Unit with Links

For Older Children

Make a Styrofoam Snowman

Another Styrofoam Snowman to Make

Print Snowman Paper Dolls to Dress

Make a Mitten Bookmark Clip

Make a Snowman Fence

Snowman Activities

Snow Scene in a Jar


Resources for More Ideas

All About Snow

Winter Theme for Teachers

Winter Activities and Crafts

Roll-a-Snowman Dice Game

Winter Ideas with Photos

Winter Theme Activities
Coloring Sheets, Songs, Crafts, Vocabulary Builders, Web Quests,
Games, Lesson Plans, Worksheets, Recipes and Writing Paper

Ultimate Winter Resource For Teachers

Snowman Unit

Make My Snowman Book
Write one sentence on each page.
The child fills in the blanks and illustrates.

I have fun when it snows.
I can make a snowman round as a _________________.
I can make a face for my snowman with ________________.
I can make arms for my snowman with __________________.
I am going to name my snowman ________________________.
My snowman is my friend.


Winter Relay Race Game
Supplies: Tootsie Rolls (1 for each child)
2 Shoe boxes for each team
Bell for each team
2 pairs of mittens for each team
2 bowls for each team

Place tootsie rolls, in a bowl, at the opposite end of the room. Hang a bell, from the ceiling, over the tootsie roll bowl.

How To Play: Divide the children into two or more relay teams. Explain that when you say, "GO" the first person on each team will put on the mittens, step into the shoe boxes and race to the other end of the room where they will ring the bell with their nose. They are then to pick up a tootsie roll out of the bowl and race back to their team still wearing their mittens and shoe boxes. Pass the mittens and shoe box to the next person in line, sit down, eat your tootsie roll. The first team to finish eating their tootsie rolls wins!


Songs and Poems

Online Sing Along Songs
The Mitten Song   The Winter Pokey   A Winter Song
Five 5 Little Snowmen   Ten Little Snowmen in a Row

Winter, Snow and Snowman Songs and Poems

Winter, Snow, Snowmen, Snowflakes, and Mittens Poems
Songs and Projects

by Shel Silverstein

I made myself a snow ball as perfect as could be.
I thought I'd keep it as a pet and let it sleep with me.
I made it some pajamas and a pillow for its head.
Then, last night it ran away.
But first -- it wet the bed.

The Winter Pokey
Tune: The Hokey Pokey
Sing Along

You put your right mitten in,
You take your right mitten out.
You put your right mitten in,
And you shake it all about.
You do the winter pokey, (shiver)
And you turn yourself around.
That's what it's all about!

You put your left mitten in
You put your right boot in
You put your left boot in
You put your long scarf in
You put your warm cap in
You put your snowsuit in

Five Little Snowmen
Tune: Five Little Pumpkins Sitting on a Gate
by Chris

5 little snowmen sitting on the ground, (pat hands on floor)
The first one said, "Oh my, aren't we round." (make circle with arms)
The second one said, "There are snowflakes in the air."
(wiggle fingers above head)
The third one said, "But we don't care." (shrug shoulders)
The fourth one said, "Let's run and run and run. (pat hands quickly on the floor)
The fifth one said, "I'm ready for some fun." (smile)
"Whew" went the wind (blow) and out came the sun
(make circle with arms over head)
And the five little snowman knew their fun was done.(pretend you're melting)

note: I made 5 sets of snowmen out of tag board and glued on Popsicle sticks. Each set wore the same colored hats and scarves (2 red, 2 blue, 2 green, 2 blue, 2 yellow). I gave 5 kids a snowman to hold during the song and make dance and had the other 5 on the floor. (Kids that did not have a snowman to hold did the actions to the song.) At the end of the song the children with the snowmen came up and told me the color and matched it to the correct one on the floor. Repeat song until everyone has a turn to hold a snowman.


Building Mr. Snowman

Head ball,
Belly ball,
Bottom ball-
Building Mr. Snowman
Is always lots of fun!


Jack Frost

The temperature is freezing!
It's less than thirty-two.
Cause look who's on my window,
It's Jack Frost, that's who!

10 Little Snowmen
Tune: Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed

10 little snowmen riding on a sled,
One fell off and bumped his head,
Frosty called the doctor and the doctor said,
No more snowmen riding on that sled!

You can make this a count down song if you like.
9 little snowmen riding on a sled...

Fingerplay: 10 Little Icicles
Tune: 10 Little Indians

One little, two little, three little icicles,
Four little, five little, six little icicles,
Seven little, eight little, nine little icicles,
Ten little icicles hanging from the roof.

I'm A Little Snowman
Tune: I'm A Little Teapot

I'm a little snowman,
Short and fat.
Here are my buttons,
Here is my hat.
When the sun comes out,
I cannot stay.
Slowly I just melt away.

Dance Like Snowflakes
Tune: Frere Jacques

Dance like snowflakes,
Dance like snowflakes,
In the air.
In the air.
Whirling, twirling snowflakes,
Whirling, twirling snowflakes,
Here and there.
Here and there.

January - A Fingerplay

January's a very cold month,
Shiver, shiver, shiver,
(Hug yourself and pretend to shiver.)
Button up and cover your ears,
(Pretend to button coat: cover ears with your hands.)
Or quiver, quiver, quiver.
(Shake all over.)

I Love Snow
Tune: Three Blind Mice

I love snow. I love snow.
Soft, white snow; soft, white snow.
It falls on the ground so soft and white.
Sometime it falls all through the night.
Did you ever see such a beautiful sight
As soft white snow?

I'm a Little Snow Pal
Tune: I'm a Little Teapot

I'm a little snow pal running by you,
I'm made of snow, this is true.
But when the children ask me to play
I just cannot sit all day.

Tune: Sailing, Sailing

Snowflakes, snowflakes,
Falling to the ground.
Each one rests so gently,
They never make a sound!
Snowflakes, snowflakes,
Are so pure and white,
The special thing about them is-
No two are alike.

Tune: The Farmer in the Dell

The frost is on the roof,
(Point hands over head)
The frost is on the ground.
(Point to the floor)
The frost is on the window,
(Make window with your hands)
The frost is all around!
(Make large circles with hands)

Puttin' on Mittens
Tune: The Farmer in the Dell

The thumb in the thumb place,
Fingers all together!
This is the song we sing
When it is mitten weather.

Walking in the Snow

Let's go walking in the snow,
Walking, walking on tiptoe.
Lift your right foot way up high,
Then your left foot keep it dry!
All around the yard we skip,
Watch your step or you might slip.

Snowflakes Falling Down
Tune: Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Snowflakes falling down,
Falling to the ground.
Big, white fluffy flakes
That do not make a sound.

Snowy Surprise

Sometimes the snow falls when I'm sleeping,
(Rest cheek on folded hands.)
I'm so surprised when I awake.
(Stretch and yawn.)
I look out at the world around me,
(Look around.)
It looks like a frosted birthday cake!
(Rub tummy and lick lips.)

I'm a Friendly Snowman
Tune: I'm a Little Teapot

I'm a friendly snowman big and fat,
(Stretch arms out at sides.)
Here is my tummy and here is my hat.
(Point to tummy, then top of head.)
I'm a happy fellow, here's my nose,
(Smile, then point to nose.)
I'm all snow from my head to my toes.
(Point to head, then to toes.)
I have two bright eyes so I can see
(Point to eyes.)
All the snow falling down on me.
(Flutter fingers downward.)
When the weather's cold I'm strong and tall,
(Stand up tall.)
But when it's warm I get very small.
(Crouch down low.)

I'm a Little Penguin
Tune: I'm a Little Teapot

I'm a little penguin
On the ice.
I think cold is very nice.
I can hop around first once, then twice,
I think ice is very nice.

Mr. Raccoon
Tune: Frere Jacques

Are you sleeping? Are you sleeping?
Mr. Raccoon? Mr. Raccoon?
All the snow is falling; All the snow is falling
Sleep, sleep, snooze; Sleep, sleep, snooze!

Other verses: Mrs. Bear, Mr. Snake, etc.

Hibernation Song
Tune: Are You Sleeping?

Bear is sleeping, bear is sleeping
In the cave, in the cave.
I wonder when he'll come out,
I wonder when he'll come out
In the spring, In the spring.

Birds are flying, birds are flying
In the sky, in the sky.
I wonder when they'll come back,
I wonder when they'll come back,
In the spring, in the spring.

Winter's Coming!
Tune: Frere Jacques

Winter's coming. Winter's coming.
It is dark. It is cold.
I am bundled snug and warm.
Animals sleep safe from harm.
Sleds and snow.
Cold winds blow.

Each Mitten Has A Mate
Tune: If You're Happy and You Know It

Each mitten has a mate, has a mate.
Each mitten has a mate, has a mate.
Can (child's name) find the pair?
(He/She) is looking here and there.
Can (child's name) find the mate.
Find the mate?


Color Me Cold!

Red cheeks,
White toes,
Blue fingers-
Red nose!

You can use this poem in a poetry notebook.
In the first line, there's a short e sound and then an opportunity to discuss
that while one e is short, two ee's makes a long vowel sound.
There's a magic e in "white" and and "two vowels going walking" in "toes."
There's "ing" and "er" in fingers.
There's another magic e in "nose."

Here is a hill
all covered with snow
we'll get on our sleds
and zoom, down we go!


by Margaret Hillert

Someone in the sky last night
Had an awful pillow fight,
And when I woke today I found
All the feathers on the ground.


The snow fell softly all the night
It made a blanket soft and white.
It covered houses, flowers and ground,
But it didn't make a single sound!


High hills,
Spins, spills,
Winter thrills-
We're sledding!

Gliding, riding,
Slipping, sliding-
Flying, crying-
"We're sledding!"


by Lillie D. Chaffin

Snow blows
In bunches.
Snow sparkles
And crunches!


Who Went There?

Who went there?
See the tracks in the snow.
Who went there?
Doesn't anyone know?

Who went there?
There are tracks. Do you see?
Who went there?
Yes! Yes! It was me!


Tune: Twinkle, Twinkle

Snowflakes, snowflakes,
Dance around.
Snowflakes, snowflakes,
Touch the ground.
Snowflakes, snowflakes,
In the air.
Snowflakes, snowflakes,


The First Snow

There's the first flake!

What will I make?

A snowman?
A fort?
Angels iin the snow?

A thousand flakes are falling!
Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!


I'm So Glad It's Snowing
Tune: The More We Get Together

I'm so glad it's snowing, it's snowing, it's snowing,
I'm so glad it's snowing, tra la la la.
I'll shovel the front yard.
I'll shovel the back yard.
I'm so glad it's snowing,
Tra la la la la.


Snow on the ground
Snow on the tree
Snow on the house
Snow on me!

Snow on the cars,
Snow on the bus,
Snow on the vans,
Snow on us!
Snow on the puddles,
Snow in the street,
Snow in the gutters,
Snow on my feet!


Winter hat
Upon my head --
My head stays warm,
But my nose is red!


Winter, Winter!

Winter, winter.
Let's go skate.
Winter, winter.
Don't be late.
Winter, winter.
Let's go roll.
Winter, winter.
In the snow.
Winter, winter!
Winter, winter!


A Chubby Little Snowman

A chubby little snowman
Had a carrot nose
Along came a rabbit
And what do you suppose?
That hungry little bunny,
Looking for his lunch,
ATE the snowman's carrot nose...
Nibble, nibble, CRUNCH


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