Easy Books We Read
All the books we practice reading in school will be listed here.
When your child brings home a book, have him/her read it
to a grownup, using the strategies we are learning and practicing in school.
Look for our markings to help us read the words.
We circle sight words, word patterns, and match words to pictures.

We also read to learn Social Studies, Math, and Science concepts.
Your child may be tested on any concepts we are learning,
usually soon after finishing a topic.

Keep the books in your "Book Treasure Box."
Beginning in October, have your child read one book every day
and add the title to your "Book Treasure Box Reading Log."

Our Class Motto:
"The more you practice, the better you get!"

If you want to print more books to read CLICK HERE.

How many books have we read so far this year?
How many do you have in your Book Treasure Box?

Oct 26 HOT
The word pattern is: The ________ is hot. Don't touch it!
We highlighted a Word of the Week: hot
and the word "The" at the beginning of a sentence.
We learned that water cools a burn.

Oct 24 We read The Big-Eared Bat and learned how they use
echolocation to catch insects and why they have such big ears!
Then we highlighted some Words of the Week.

Oct 17 My Book About Bats
We practiced looking at each picture for clues to figure out the words
in this easy to read nonfiction book. We drew a bat on the cover.

Oct 10 My Fire Safety Book
We learned what to do if there is a fire.
We practiced looking at the pictures to figure out what the words might say.

Oct 5   They are On
We used the pronoun "They" instead of "The rabbit and the raccoon."
We looked at the picture to decide if they were "in" or "on."
The word pattern is: They are in a ____. Or They are on the ___.

Oct 3   Where's the Spider?
We described the pictures first then tried to decode the words.
We listened for the rhyming words from the "at" word family
and finished the rhyme with an "at" family word!

Sept 26   Games We Play
We named activities and games children like to play
then read the book to see how many we guessed.
We like to play ____ but we do not play with fire!

Sept 28   I Like School
We read the pictures then circled the words "I" and "to."
The word pattern is: The word pattern is: I like to ___.

Sept 17 On Constitution Day we learned about Symbols of the USA.
Mrs. Jones created a book for us to read and color.
We found Pennsylvania on the map, then talked about our flag,
The Bald Eagle, The Liberty Bell, and The Statue of Liberty.

Sept 12   Meet My Baby Brother
The baby brother's name is Ray!
We learned to read the pictures that show him doing things.
The word pattern is: He likes to ___ and ___.
We circled the Word of the Week "to" on each page.

We will make a Fold-a-Book for some of the Words of the Week.
This is the list of 25 Kdg words:
no   so   go   is   on   it   can   in   do   me   up   an   you
am   the   and   we   my   he   like   to   at   see   a   I

Mrs. Jones' Room