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Farm Chores Fingerplay

Five little farmers woke up with the sun. (hold up hand)
It was early morning and the chores must be done.
The first little farmer went out to milk the cow. (hold up thumb)
The second little farmer thought he'd better plow. (hold up index finger)
The third little farmer cultivated weeds. (hold up middle finger)
The fourth little farmer planted more seed. (hold up fourth finger)
The fifth little farmer drove his tractor 'round. (hold up last finger)
Five little farmers, the best that can be found. (hold up hand)


Over in the Barnyard Fingerplay
Tune: Down by the Station

Over in the barnyard,
Early in the morning,
See the little baby chicks,
All in a row,
(hold up five fingers of one hand and wiggle them)
See the busy farmer,
Scattering their breakfast,
(scatter chicken feed with other hand)
Peck, peck,
(hold your four fingers together and place your thumb below
to form a beak and make pecking motions)

Cheep, cheep
(open and close your beak)
Off they go!

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