The ABC's of Kindergarten
and Lakeview School Info
Use this somewhat alphabetical list to find out about our Kindergarten program
and info about Lakeview School. If you have any questions send me an EMail.

Activities for Kids: Printable and Online
Alphabet Letters Studied
Attendance Line

Monthly Book Orders
Books We Make in School
Book Treasure Box
Buddy Books - Home Reading Project
Boxtops for Education Collection

Class News
Past News & Photos
Computer Survey
Curriculum for Kindergarten

Pink and White Emergency Cards
Non-Scheduled Emergency Closing Info
Family Homework
Gym Days

Handbook - Lakeview School
Home and School Association Info

Important Dates
Invented Spelling
K-POP Kdg - Parent Outreach Program

Letter/Sound of the Week
Letter Printing & Letter Guessing Homework
Letter Sounds - How We Learn Them

Lifeskill of the Week
Library Day Info and Permission Slip
Everyday Mathematics is our Math program.
Milk and Snack Money

Orientation Packet
Parent Helpers in the Classroom
K-POP - Kdg Parent Outreach Program
Parking for Kindergarten Parents
Parking at School
Penncrest Marching Band Photos 04-05 and 05-06

Registration Information
Ridley Park Information and Links
Ridley Park Public Library Programs
Ridley Park Weather Links
Ridley School District Website

Screening of New Kdg children in the Spring
Songs We Sing in Class
Special Classes Schedule
Standards for Kindergarten
Supply List for Kindergarten

Teacher Resources
List of Themes - Activities, Songs, and Printables
Uniform Policy
The Weather Station at Lakeview
Websites for Kids

Words We Are Learning
Writing Guidelines from The Dept of Education
KidWriting is the program we are using.
Yard Sale Wish List

Need to contact me?
Mrs. Jones

Mrs. Jones' Room   Links to Printables and MiniBooks