Mrs. Whitehead swims with sharks!
Do you want to learn more about them?

Classified as fish (Pisces),
sharks are among the oldest creatures on our planet.

Virtual Shark Dive: Photos and Info About Different Sharks

There are 30 families of sharks.

The Whale Times: Click on the Name of a Shark for More Info

Chances of a Shark Attack

Shark WebCam at The Waikiki Aquarium

Is this a shark or a whale?

The New Jersey Aquarium

Mrs. Jones saw some sharks at the
South Carolina Aquarium on the Charleston Harbor
in July, 2001.

Patrick McCarthy has a shop in Charelston, SC featuring fossil shark teeth
and jaws and other artifacts from the ocean.
Click here for info about his shop.

The Search for Prehistoric Sharks
The 400-million-year-old Pucapampella swam in the
cold southern ocean near the Falkland Islands a long, long time
before the first dinosaur walked on land!

How Sharks Work

Fiona's Shark Mania

The Sharkman's Webpage

Sharks Common to the Delaware-Maryland Coast

Shark School

Make a Shark

BlackDog's River Tubing Shark Attack

Shark and Dolphin Tic Tac Toe

First Grade Math Games

Fishy Crafts

National Geographic Shark Surfari!

Fiona's Shark Links Galore

Lots of Shark Info and Pictures

Lots of Shark Links

Shark ClipArt

Google Search for sharks.

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