The Show & Tell Guessing Game

We no longer have Show and Tell.
Instead, we have a Community Circle to share news, books, and ideas.

Starting Friday, September 17, 2004, we will begin a new activity called The Show and Tell Guessing Game. All children are expected to participate. We will only play this game on Friday.

Every week your child should bring in a small item beginning with the sound of the letter we are studying that week. This item should be hidden in a paper bag so he/she can play a game with the class. Your child should be prepared to give 3 clues to the class and they will try to guess the hidden object based on your child's clues.

For example, we are studying "Aa" this week so your child might conceal an "apple" in a paper bag. The 3 clues might be: "You can eat it. It is a fruit. It can be red, yellow or green." The class should be able to get a picture in their heads of what it could be after hearing your child's three clues.

On Thursday night, when time allows, let your child walk around your house to gather possible items for our game. Help your child choose just one item to share with our class. It is more fun if everyone gets a turn to play!

Review the clues your child can give and encourage him/her to help think of them. You or your child may write or draw the clues on a piece of paper to help him/her remember them.

We hope this guessing game will be an enjoyable activity for all the children and we hope you will encourage your child to participate.

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