Home Reading Project

Starting in September our class will begin a home reading project called Read-To-Me. All children are expected to participate. At the beginning of each month you will receive a Read-To-Me form. On the back will be the "Buddy Book Reading Log." Keep it in your child's buddy book baggie and write down all the titles of the books you've read together.

Children learn to read faster when reading becomes part of their day. Once we've made and sent home some little books, you should have your child pick one book from his/her "Home Book Collection Box" to practice reading to you every day. You or your child should write the title on the form. Also include any library books or other books you read to your child at home. Place an *asterisk next to any book title your child can read to you. If you read a book more than once, place "tally marks" next to the title.

We will put a new Read-To-Me form in your child's "buddy book" bag at the beginning of every month.

Your child will receive a bookmark, a pencil or other reward every month for practicing his/her reading skills at home.

We hope this Home Reading Project will help make reading together
an enjoyable experience for you and your child.

Learning to Read

I'm trying hard to learn to read
But what's a kid to do
When there's a NO and a GO and a SO and a HO
And then there's a word like TO!

Reading BONE and CONE and LONE and TONE
Can almost be kind of fun,
But I get upset when I have to believe
That D-O-N-E spells DONE!

It's plain to see a kid like me
Sure needs a helping hand.
No matter how much I really try
I just don't understand.

I'm trying hard to learn to read.
Somehow that's what I'll do.
But for now if you'll just read to me
Someday I'll read to you.

*~ Now That I Can Read ~*

I used to need somebody
To sit and read to me.
I'd look at every page they read
And listen carefully.
But now that I am reading
I'm filling up a shelf
With stories, poems, and other books
That I can read by myself!

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