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Try this tongue twister: Spencer Spider spotted spooky spectacles.

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Miss Spider's Birthday Party Ideas

Activities for The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle

Observing a Spider Web

"The Web Game"
Children will experience a movement activity that simulates how a spider catches food in its web. You will need one piece of string about two yards long for each child and a blindfold. Tie the strings together at one end.

Procedure: The children sit on the floor in a semi-circle. One child is chosen to be the spider and sits in the center. The spider holds the tied ends of the string while the other children are the insects and hold the ends taut. The spider is blindfolded. One insect plucks his/her string and the spider tries to guess which child did it. If correct the spider and the insect change places.

Spider Info and Pictures

Types of Spider Webs

website made by a teacher of 10 year olds at the Rochedale State School in Australia! Facts, first aid, poems, recipes and links!

AntBoy's Spider Page

Construction of a Web

The Arachnology Home Page

Myths, Stories, Poems, Songs and Art

Lots of Links for Kids

Southwest Educational Spider Unit

Creepy Crawlies Links

Lots of Spider Links

Have a Miss Spider Tea Party and Other Fun Spider Activities

~Easy Songs~

Make a class book using this poem:

I'm a big spider,
I spin, I spin.
I spin webs...
To catch ________ in!
(flies, bugs, bees etc.)

I'm a Little Spider
Tune: I'm a Little Teapot

I'm a little spider watch me spin
If you'll be my dinner
I'll let you come in
Then I'll spin a web to hold you tight
And gobble you up in one big bite!

Oh, That Spider!
Tune: Oh, Susanna

I was sitting in my room one day
When it came right through the door
A big spider sped right by me
Went racing 'cross the floor

Oh, that spider!
Oh, how it scared me so!
But spiders can be good friends
And so I let it go.

I watched it crawl up on the wall,
To find a spot just right.
It spun a web so beautiful
And then went out of sight.


Now bugs and flies do not scare me
For I know that it's true.
That a spiderweb is good to have
Bugs stick to it like glue.


The Spider in the Web
Tune: Farmer in the Dell

The spider in the web.
The spider in the web.
Spin, spin, oh, watch him spin,
The spider in the web.

The spider eats a _____. (any kind of bug)
The spider eats a _____.
Spin, spin, oh, watch him spin,
The spider in the web.

Spin Little Spider
Tune: Farmer in the Dell

Spin little spider, spin! (spin around)
Spin little spider, spin!
'Round and 'round and up and down
Spin little spider, spin!

Crawl little spider, crawl! (crawl around)
Crawl little spider, crawl!
'Round and 'round and up and down
Crawl little spider, crawl!

Dance little spider, dance! (dance around)
Dance little spider, dance!
'Round and 'round and up and down
Dance little spider, dance!

The Spider Poem

Spiders are not insects
Spiders have eight legs.
Spiders have four pairs of eyes
Spiders hatch from eggs!
Spider webs are sticky
Spiders weave them tight
Spiders spin that silky string
Spiders weave webs right!

There's a Spider on the Wall
Tune: Twinkle Little Star

There's a spider on the wall
If he's careful he won't fall
He moves slowly down the wall
I can watch him crawl and crawl
I wonder if he minds my stare
Or does he know and just not care?

Spider, Spider Fingerplay

Spider hurrying,
(Run fingers back and forth.)
Spider scurrying,
See her silken thread.
(Stretch thread between fingers and thumb.)
Spider hurrying,
(Run fingers back and forth.)
Spider scurrying,
See her little web.
(Make spiral with fingers.)

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