Snails Videos

Snail Moving

Land Snail

Water Snail

Snail Laying Eggs

Snail Eggs Hatching

The Birth of a Snail

Big Snail


Land Snail Printout
External Anatomy
Other Gastropods

The Biggest House in the World by Leo Lionni
A father's story of a foolish snail and his attempt to have the biggest
house in the world convinces the son to keep his house easy to carry.

A Snail's Spell

Reading A-Z has a Level N Reader -The Secret Lives of Snails and Slugs

3 Games

Students will build community and practice cooperation skills.

Paper Plate Snail

Snail Activities


All About Snails

All About Snails

Questions and Answers About Snails


Cool Photos

Google Search for snails.


It hasn’t any windows
It hasn’t any doors
Although it has a ceiling
It hasn’t any floors
‘Twas built without a builder
A hammer or a nail
Because you see this funny house
Belongs to ___________.

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