Seastars also known as Starfish
Mr. Fernandez had the kids buzzing at the artifacts table at our Dinosaur Day! He told the kids that what we call a starfish is really called a sea star. He shared this amazing fact: The mouth of the starfish is on their underside, in the middle. They eat shellfish. Using the suckers on their feet, they pull open the shell of the shellfish and make a crack about as thick as cardboard. It pops its stomach in the shell inside out to dissolve the yummy snack. After ten minutes the stomach is done. The stomach slides itself back into the starfish! Follow the links to find out more information about these fascinating underwater creatures:

See Some Cool Photos of Sea Stars

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Photos of Sea Star Fossils
Seastars were here when the dinosaurs roamed the earth!

Count The Starfish

Color the Seahorse and Starfish

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Links to Ocean Things

Google Search for seastars.

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