Egyptian Mummies

* Activities *

Make a Pyramid

Neferchichi's Tomb

Write Your Name in Hieroglyphics

Egypt Coloring Pages
Click on each picture to see a full sized picture to color.

Activities For Older Kids

Egyptian Crafts at Danielle's Place

Nile Tiles - Mah Jongg Egyptian Style

* Photos and Info *

A History of Egypt for Kids
Several photos to see.

Nova Online: Pyramids, The Inside Story

Mummies of Ancient Egypt
What How and Who

How Mummies Were Made: The Steps

The Clickable Mummy
Click on different parts of this Roman Mummy to view
interesting facts and information about the mummification process.

Virtual Egypt

Encyclopedia Smithsonian: Egyptian Mummies
Photo of a Sarcophagus

Guardian's Egypt
Everything you've always wanted to know about
ancient Egyptian mummies and afterlife.

3 Drawings of Life in Ancient Egypt

Egyptian Mystery Pages
Enter the Tomb to see photos of The Great Pyramid at Giza,
The Sphinx, The Tour Of Tutankhamun's Tomb and The Mummy Page

Odyssey Online: Egypt Death & Burial

Mummies Unmasked
WORLD Magazine: June 1999

Dan Murphy's Mummy Web Page
A Student's Report

National Geographic Story and Photos from the 1923 Issue

Neferchichi's Egyptian Graphics Egyptian Clip Art and Graphics
Neferchichi's font, hieroglyphs, backgrounds, borders, bars,
Egyptian Dingbat clip art, Gods and Goddesses, monuments,
amulets, sphinxes and tomb paintings.

Ancient Egypt for Children
Egyptian Webpages to Explore

Mummies and Magic Links

Gander Academy's Ancient Egypt Resources

Egyptian Kings and Queens, Pyramids and Temples and Dynasties

* Songs *

~The Mummy~
Tune: Oh My Darlin'
written by Mrs. Jones
(in the shape of a pyramid)

Rubbed in oils
Wrapped in linen
Placed in a sarcophagus
Sealed in a tomb with his pets
Hoping after life will be the best

~Egyptian Mummies~
Tune: Frere Jacques
written by Mrs. Jones

Egyptian mummies
Egyptian mummies
Wrapped in cloth
Wrapped in cloth
Buried in a pyramid
Buried in a pyramid
For life after death
For life after death

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