How to Draw
These are links from the internet I have collected to teach you "How to Draw."

How to Draw It - Lots of Animals

Draw with Uncle Fred
puppy   penguin   bunny   panda   chimpanzee
surfer   Jill in the box   walrus   chick

Step-By-Step Drawing Lessons for Children.
Find out how to draw cartoons and other sketches and drawings for Kids.

Step by Step Directions
This site features free drawing tutorials
and allows the user to submit their own tutorials.

How to Draw

Easel Paintings are designed to help children transpose what they see.

Do2Learn How to Draw
boy, flower, car, girl, castle, horse, cat,
house, dog, knight, dragon, princess and wizard

Learn to Draw
paper dolls    penguin    bear    frog    bird    cat    lion    lizard    panda    hands    eyes    hedgehog    bluebird    owl    turtle    fish    more: Blank Sheet Bunny | Elephant | Witch | Monkey | Pumpkin | Parrot | Horse | Dinosaur | Sheep | Butterfly | Angel | Wreath | Cartoon Man | Pencil | Teddy Bear | Fox | Silly Cat | Moon Man | Ali Gator

How to Draw a Butterfly

Incredible Cartoon Lessons

List of animals and people and Nickelodeon characters to draw

Draw Neopets
Acara Aisha Blumaroo Bruce Buzz Chia
Chomby Cybunny Draik Elephante Eyrie Flotsam

How to draw a cat

How to draw a hedgehog

How to Draw a Turkey

Learn to Draw with Gary Harbo

Draw Garfield and Odie

How to Draw Magical Animals
owl, cat, snake, rat, dragon, gryphon, unicorn, 3 headed dog, and werewolf

Draw a bunny using a grid:

Learn to Draw

Learn to Draw and Paint

Kid Painting Ideas

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