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Zoom Dinosaurs from enchantedlearning.com is an excellent website for dinosaur info for children of all ages. There are lots of pictures to go along with the text which is helpful for young children learning how to read.


Do the Dinosaur Pokey

Build a Real Dinosaur or Create Your Own

Make a Dinosaur Alphabet Book

Print out a 12 month Dinosaur Calendar for 2008!

DLTK's Dinosaur Printable Crafts and Activities

Kid's Domain Links to Dinosaur Activities

Dinosaur Fun and Games

Make a Dinosaur Book
Click on each name and print the page.
Put them together to make a fact book.

Dinosaur Math Worksheets K-5

Dyllan's A to Z Activity Dinosaur Page
There are more choices at the top of the webpage.
Dinosaur Math Puzzles

Make a T-Rex Cutout

Print a Dinosaur then Cut and Assemble

Stuffed Dinosaurs
Print, Decorate then Stuff

Dinosaur Coloring Pages

Dinosaur ABC Coloring Pages and Flashcards
Dino Preschool Activities and Crafts

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Bernard Most Dino Coloring Pages

Have a Dinosaur Party

Dinosaur Scrambler

Dinosaur Activities

Find dinosaur activities to do at Club Theo.

A Dinosaur Unit

Links to Kid's Dinosaur Activities

Ivy's Links to Dinosaur Coloring Pages

Lots of Links to Dinosaur Activities

~Dinosaur Info~

Discovery Channel Dinosaur Video Clips

Dinosaur Facts, Anatomy, Fossils, A-Z List and Resources

Photo of Sue the T-Rex at the Field Museum in Chicago

Dinosaur Eggs

Fossilized Skin on an Embryo in an Eggshell

Realistic Drawings of Dinosaurs
Put your mouse over each picture to see the dino name.

Hadrosaurus foulkii - The First Dino Found in the USA in 1858

The Unnatural Museum: Dinosaur Safari

Education World Dino Activities

Dino Fun

Discovering Dinosaur Tracks in Massachusetts!

Check out the photos.
Sarcosuchus: The Largest Crocodile Fossil Found

Lots of links to dinosaur information on the Internet

Recent Articles About Dinosaurs from Discovery Channel

~Dinosaur Songs~

Sing Along to The Dinosaur Pokey

Sing Along! Hear the music and read the words!
I Want To Be a Dinosaur    There is a...

Dinosaur Songs and Poems

Dino Songs    Dino Fingerplays
from Bry-Back Manor

The Dinosaur Song
Tune: The Wheels On The Bus

The tyrannosaurus rex had great big teeth,
Great big teeth, great big teeth.
The tyrannosaurus rex had great big teeth,
When the dinosaurs roamed the earth.

The apatosaurus had a very long tail...
The saltopus was as small as a cat...
The iguanodon had a spike on his thumb...
The maiasaura was a very good mom...
The velociraptor had a claw on his foot...
The stegosaurus had 4 spikes on his tail...


Dinosaur, dinosaur
Where can you be?
Dinosaur, dinosaur
Where can you be?
Hiding behind me (hands behind back)
Where you cannot see!
Now you see one (bring one hand out)
It's been waiting for you.
Here comes another (bring out other hand)
And now you see two!


All Around The Swamp
Tune: Wheels on the Bus

The pteranodon's wings went flap,flap,flap,
The pteranodon.s wings went flap, flap, flap
All around the swamp.

The tyrannosaurus rex went grrr,grrr, grrr,
Grrr, grrr, grrr, grrr, grrr, grrr,
The tyrannosaurus rex went grr, grr, grr,
All around the swamp.

The triceratops horns went poke, poke, poke
Poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke,
The triceratops horns went poke, poke ,poke,
All around the swamp.

The brontosaurus went munch, munch, munch,
Munch, munch, munch, munch,munch, munch
The brontosaurus went munch, munch, munch,
All around the swamp.

The stegosaurus tail went spike, spike, spike,
Spike, spike, spike, spike, spike, spike,
The stegosaurus tail went spike, spike, spike,
All around the swamp.


I'm Bringing Home A Baby Dinosaur

I'm bringing home a baby dinosaur
Won't my mommy fall right through the floor
I'm bringing home a baby dinosaur
Ouch! He squished me!
Flat as a pancake!
I'm bringing home a baby dinosaur
Won't my mommy hide behind the door
I'm bringing home a baby dinosaur
Tromp! Tromp! Tromp! Tromp!


Ten Big Dinosaurs
Tune: 10 Little Indians

1 big, 2 big, 3 big dinosaurs,
4 big, 5 big, 6 big dinosaurs,
7 big, 8 big, 9 big dinosaurs,
10 big dinosaurs!
They all lived a long , long time ago.
They all lived a long, long time ago.
They all lived a long, long time ago.
Now there are no more.


Five Enormous Dinosaurs

Five enormous dinosaurs, letting out a roar,
One went away and then there were four.
Four enormous dinosaurs, munching on a tree,
One went away and then there were three.
Three enormous dinosaurs didn't know what to do,
One went away and then there were two.
Two enormous dinosaurs having lots of fun,
One went away and then there was one.
One enormous dinosaur afraid to be a hero,
He (she) went away and then there were zero.


Tune: Twinkle Little Star

Dinosaurs lived long ago,
Some swam, some walked,
Some flew, you know.
Some were very big and some were small,
Some were gigantic, very tall.
Dinosaurs lived long ago,
Some walked, some swam,
Some flew, you know.


Oh, I Want To Be A Great Big Dinosaur
Tune: Oh, I Wish I Was An Oscar Mayer Weiner

Oh, I want to be a great big dinosaur!
That is what I really want to be.
For if I were a great big dinosaur
Everyone would run away from me!

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