"Pick a Different Name Day"
A "Building Community" Activity

I like to do this on my birthday and call myself Mrs. Partyhat."
They must call me that the whole session or I don't answer.
(Some realize how many times a day they call my name ...and some don't.)

One year we were talking about the "ch" sound that week
and we are near Philly so my aide was "Mrs. Cheesesteak."
Another time the aide had 8 of her own children so she was "Mrs. Manykids."

Name labels similar to 2x4 Avery labels
or "Hello My Name is" adhesive nametags.
Class list so you can write down the new names and refer to it.

Boundaries for Teacher Sanity
Have other procedures and routines in place
so this is fun as you go about your day and not total chaos.

1. You may not pick a classmate's name.
2. There can only be one of a new different name.
(You all can't be Hannah Montana or Optimus Prime.)
3. You have to answer to your new name.

Then let the fun begin!

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