The Tricky Teen Chant

Michelle shared this chant she and her collegues from the
Menifee School District use to teach the tricky 'teen' numbers.

"I do an 11 through 20 chant each day for the whole month. I have each number up on the board with the clip art pictures to help the kids follow along. My partner teacher explains that these numbers are like teenagers and they still need one grown up helper. This helps children remember to put the 1 first. I have them help me make up the dance or the hand motions, so use what feels good with the kids you have."

Here is the chant:

A   1   and   a   1   make 11 fun

A   1   and   a   2   tell twelve what to do

A   1   and   a   3   send 13 up a tree

A   1   and   a   4   make 14 shut the door

A   1   and   a   5   keep 15 alive

A   1   and   a   6   make 16 pick up sticks

A   1   and   a   7   send 17 to heaven

A   1   and   an   8   make 18 great

A   1   and   a   9   make 19 shine

A   2   and   a   0   make 20 the hero

Mrs. Jones made posters to go along with the chant.
Tricky Teen Chant Posters

Here is the chant with Michelle's suggestions for motions:

A 1 (hold up one pointer) and a 1 (hold up the other pointer) make 11 fun (do a disco boogie dance)

A 1 (put up one pointer) and a 2 (hold up 2 fingers on the other hand) tell twelve what to do (I put one hand by my elbow on the other arm like I'm shaking a bossy pointer finger at someone and use a bossy tone.)

A one (one pointer) and a three (three fingers on the other hand) send 13 up a tree (I bring the one and the 3 hand together and push them skywards.)

A one (hold up 1 pointer) and a 4 (hold up the other 4 fingers) make 14 shut the door. (I bring the two hands together like a door shutting)

A one (hold up one pointer) and a 5 (hold up the other 5) keep 15 alive (I pat my 5 hand on my chest like a heart beating.)

A one (one finger and then you need to get creative I put the one away and hold up 6) and a 6 make 16 pick up sticks (We reach out and pretend we are grabbing sticks)

A one and a 7 send 17 to heaven (we just point skyward)

A one and an 8 make 18 great (is done like a cheerleader arms)

A one (they put one spread hand by their face thumb touching their cheek) and a 9 the other hand on the other side) make 19 shine (because I always tell them I love to see their shining faces and that they are my shining stars. One kid said this must be your favorite number :-) and now it is :-)

A 2 (make a muscle with one arm) and a zero (make the other arm into a muscle) make 20 the hero (we use a hero strong voice and pull our muscles up and down)

Thanks for sharing, Michelle!

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