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Let's Go See Our Grandparents
Tune: Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Let's go see our grandparents,
Take us there for a while.
Mommy and Daddy both need a break.
We'll play games and we'll stay up real late!

Oh, we want to thank our grandparents
For all the things that they do,
So it's you're the best
And that we love you!


Grandma's Spectacles - Fingerplay

These are grandma's spectacles,
   (make circles around eyes with fingers)
This is grandma's hat. (use both hands and cup on head)
This is the way she folds her hands, (fold hands)
And puts them on her lap. (put hands in lap)
These are Grandpa's spectacles
This is Grandpa's hat
And this is the way he folds his arms


Do It For Grandma Song
Tune: Did You Ever See a Lassie

Let's clap our hands for Grandma,
for Grandma, for Grandma,
Let's clap our hands for grandma,
Let's clap them this way.

Clap this way and that way,
Clap this way and that way,
Let's clap our hands for Grandma
Let's clap them this way.

Have the children do the proper actions.
Use these other actions also and change to PopPop:
Let's stomp our feet,
Let's nod our heads, etc.


Grandparent's Day
Tune: This Old Man

Grandparent's Day, Grandparent's Day
Is a very special day!
With a great big hug (wrap arms around yourself)
A lots of kisses too (kiss your hand and throw it)
Each one says that I love you!


My PopPop
Tune: You are My Sunshine

You are my PopPop
My only PopPop
You make me happy when I am sad.
I want to tell you how much I love you
When I'm with you I am so glad!


I love Mom Mom
Tune: Frere Jacques

I love Mom Mom, I love Mom Mom,
Yes I do, yes I do!
Mom Moms are for hugging
Mom Moms are for kissing
I love you, yes I do!

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