Easy Printable Word Search Puzzles
by Mrs. Jones

Bear Names

Butterfly and Moth


Plants and Seeds

Easy Online Word Search Puzzles
Shockwave Required

Word Puzzles

Online Jigsaw Puzzles
The shockwave puzzles listed at the top are more difficult and can't be changed. The "java" puzzles are great for all ages because the difficulty level can be changed. Click on a topic then click on a puzzle name. Click on the "shapes" button on the menu to the left of the puzzle pieces to change the number from 6 to 247 pieces and to choose the shapes of the pieces. Each puzzle is timed so if you want to play for a best time click on the "shuffle" button to play again. If you get impatient, click on the "solve" button to watch the puzzle assemble itself!

What A Collection of Online Jigsaw Puzzles!
You can vary the difficulty of these puzzles, too.
The menu for other puzzles is at the bottom.

Julian submitted these websites of Online Puzzles you can play "with no hassle." Thanks Julian!
http://www.jspuzzles.com - lots of fun and playable at young age
http://www.sudokulive.net - sodoku
http://www.kakurolive.com - numeric crossword puzzles
http://www.wordlords.com/ - daily crossward puzzle + more!

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