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Printable K-2 MiniBook - I Have a Dream

Our Friend Martin MiniBook


M&M's Activities

First sort the M&M's by color. Then give everyone just ONE color of M&M's but give yourself all the colors. Concept -it's more fun to have a lot of DIFFERENT M&M's! It's not as exciting when they are all the same.

Do a taste test. Have each child close their eyes and put out their hand. Have them eat it and see if they can tell what color M&M they are eating - they are all the same even though they are different colors.

Bake the M&M's into cookies for snack. Alone the ingredients are not very tasty ( except for the M&M's!) but altogether - what a TREAT! At snack time give the Kids *broken* cookies - they still TASTE good even though they don't necessarily look as pretty as the unbroken ones.


Do an experiment with one brown egg and one white egg. Make predictions about what is inside. How are they alike and how are they different? Crack them open - even if you are a different color on the outside, you look the same on the inside.


Why am I Different? by Norma Simon
We're Different We're the Same (Sesame Street Book)
All the Colors of the Earth by Sheila Hammanaka
Happy Birthday, Martin Luther King

The Crayon Box that Talked by Shane DeRolf
Do a lesson with crayons - draw a picture with just one color vs coloring with all the different ones in the box.


Decorate a white sheet by mixing food coloring and water in spray bottles then spraying the different colors on the sheet. Watch the colors mix and talk about how people are different, just like the colors but how they can live/work/share together, just as MLK believed. After the sheet dries cut it into squares (see Story Bits)and let everyone take a piece home to share the experience with their family/siblings/caretakers.


Recite the phrases while adding the ingredients in a large punch bowl.

A Recipe for a Rainbow
We come in all colors from all races around the world.
Everyone is a sister or brother no matter where he/she is from
no matter what language is spoken, no matter the color of their skin.

Everyone loves variety and we are the colors of the rainbow.

We try to be fair and square.

Some of us are tall and some of us are small.
When we get together size doesn't matter at all.

Sometimes we are quiet and thoughtful.
We have special gifts of love and caring
to give to others who need our help.

When we get together we seem to make circles.
We may sit in circles or play circle games.
You could say that we are well-rounded.

When we are busy doing our work or doing a craft we may pop around until we're done.

We need to respect all living things.
The earth is our home and we want to keep it safe for everyone.

We are a "chip off the old block."
We have all been a part of tradition and we look forward to being a part of the future.
(chocolate chips)

We get a kick out of learning new things, helping others, and being together with our friends.


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I Have a Dream Speech - Fill in the Missing Words

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MLKing KWL Chart

Photos of MLKing Covers on Life Magazine


Happy Birthday, Dr. King
Tune: "Yankee Doodle"

Dr. King was a man
Who had a special dream.
He dreamed of a world filled with love
And peace and harmony.

Happy Birthday, Dr. King,
Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday, Dr. King.
We honor you today.


Dr. Martin Luther King Song


Harmony and Peace
Tune: "B-I-N-G-O"

Dr. King taught us to live
In harmony and peace--
In harmony and peace.

He taught us not to fight or quarrel,
But love one another.
L-O-V-E, Love!
L-O-V-E, Love!
L-O-V-E, Love!
He said to love each other.


Let Us Keep His Dream Alive
Tune: "This Old Man"

This young man had a dream;
In his eye he had a gleam.
We must love each other to survive.
Let us keep his dream alive.

He believed man was good;
He had dreams of brotherhood.
We must love each other to survive.
Let us keep his dream alive.

All join hands, let us sing;
Let the bells of freedom ring.
We must love each other to survive.
Let us keep his dream alive.

We can learn from the past;
Then we'll all be "free at last!"
We must love each other to survive.
Let us keep his dream alive.


You can sing these songs:
What a Wonderful World by Louie Armstrong and A Man Named Martin


We come from many places
But we're all one family.
Let's live and work together
In peace and harmony.


Finger play

I treat my friends (point to friends)
How I like them to treat me. (point to self)
That's the Golden Rule you see.
If I'm kind and polite. (point to self)
My friends will treat me right. (point to friends)
Every day will be such fun.
Love is good for everyone. (place hands over heart)

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