Brandywine Zoo Animal Printouts and Photos
The Brandywine Zoo   1001 North Park Drive   Wilmington, DE 19802   302-571-7850   List of animals at the zoo.

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More Brandywine Zoo Animal Photos: Birds    Mammals    Capybara

capybara    more photos of the capybara


llama - they do have 4 legs to stand on!

pygmy goat


snowy owl
(The zoo no longer has a snowy owl.)

Siberian tiger


river otter



Andean Condor Photo - Vulture Info

cotton top tamarin

golden lion tamarin

ring necked pheasant
(The zoo no longer has a ring necked pheasant.)

scarlet macaw   blue and yellow macaw
(The zoo no longer has a scarlet macaw.)

Burmese python

Virginia opossum

mallard duck

Sand Hill crane photo - crane info

cattle egret photo - great egret info

2 toed sloth - when it is warm outside

There are more animal photos HERE.

Animals without photos:
prehensile tailed porcupine    common marmoset
anaconda    goeldis' monkey    rabbit    bobcat    merganser
black headed caique    mata-mata turtle    squirrels

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