Filmstrip Collection

Box with Calendar Studies - 4 filmstrips with cassettes
Teacher's Guide
1. Calendar Bird - Days and Weeks
2. Heather and the Haunted Hayloft - Months
3. Calvin and the Computer - The Year
4. Can You Guess the Seasons - Seasons
Time for Spring and Summer with cassette
How Do We Get Day and Night with cassette

Beginning Science Concepts - 5 Filmstrips with Records
460 Snails Whales Ants and Plants
461 Bones and Wings and Teeth and Things
462 Something Old Something New
463 Hide and Seek
464 Sharing and Caring

Filmstrips with Cassettes
Last of the Dinosaurs
Busy Wind Our Invisible Friend
What's Under the Earth?
What's Under the Ocean?
What's Under the Farmer's Garden?
The Golden Goose
Samuel Eaton's Day - Pilgrim Boy
Tapenum's Day - A Wampanoag Indian Boy

Manners Box of 4 filmstrips without cassettes
Teacher's Guide
Community Manners
Home Manners
School Manners
I Beg Your Pardon
Story - Old MacDonald Had a Farm
Story - Jorinda and Joringel
Story - Rapunzel

Box of Filmstrips without cassettes
The 5 Senses
Baby Birds High and Low
Nest, Den and Hive
Jungle Animals
Things That Roll
The Solar System
Wake Up, Mr. Bear
Safety First
Bottles Boxes Cups and Cans
Hot and Cold
Morning noon and Night
Everybody's Got One (bones)
What a Doctor Sees When He Looks at You
Time for Autumn and Winter
Here Comes Columbus Day
Halloween Story
Thanksgiving Story
Christmas Fun
Christmas Around the World
Hello, New Year
George Washington's Birthday
Transportation in George Washington's Time
Holiday and Seasons

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